Creating Change Through Family Philanthropy

By Alison Goldberg, Karen Pittelman & Resource Generation
Soft Skull Press
ISBN: 1933368098
Publication Date: 1/26/07 

Creating Change Through Family Philanthropy examines how privilege works in our society and how young people can use it to better society. Based on the authors’ experiences while working for Resource Generation, a national nonprofit organizing wealthy young progressives, the book makes the case for addressing urgent social and economic needs financially. It frames controversial topics from power dynamics to grants payout in an accessible way, offering next-generation readers the tools they need to transform their funds. Drawing on over 40 interviews, this is an essential guide for both young philanthropists and anyone working with wealthy families interested in ethical giving. 


“Goldberg and Pittelman have written a compelling rationale and step-by-step guide that will transform how we DO philanthropy for social change. These wise young philanthropists know that control over huge amounts of wealth cannot be left solely to the very small number of individuals who are wealthy. Sharing the power to decide where the money goes with social change activists and organizations, even transferring power to them, is crucial to success. In a world where inequality is a crisis threatening the well-being of all of us, we must find a way to distribute resources and power more equitably. This book tells us how. Buy it and use it!” —Susan Ostrander, Professor of Sociology, Tufts University and Author, Money for Change: Social Movement Philanthropy at Haymarket People’s Fund 

“Although this book is targeted to young people who are just becoming involved in their family’s philanthropy, it provides valuable insights for the older generations who have been at this work for a while. The continuation and success of a family’s philanthropy in future years will depend on the openness of the older generation to welcome the next generation’s involvement and embrace the change that inevitably comes from bringing new voices and perspectives to the table. The book is an excellent tool to promote multigenerational dialogue, foster true partnerships and help families look at their philanthropy in new ways.” —Susan Crites Price, Managing Director, Family Foundation Services, Council on Foundations and Author, The Giving Family: Raising Our Children to Help Others